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Alphacool NexXxoS NVXP-3 Nvidia Graphiccard set


GraphicCard Cooler for all Nvidia G70 7800GT, 7800GTX, 7900GT, 7950GT and 7900GTX cards, as well as all Nvidia NV40/GeForce 6800, 6800LE, 6800GT and 6800Ultra after reference Design (AGP and PCI e), based on the alpha-cool NexXxoS cooler series. New copper cooler with parallel-running channels in the PCF(c)design, by these is also increased the surface for the heat dissipation drastically. The water concentration takes place centrally, in order to ensure best possible cooling. This makes possible stable function at extreme summer temperatures, highest Overclocking - for Potenzial and Low Noise in one blow. This radiator is conceived for highest requirements, therefore the RAM chips are also cooled . The channel process leads directly across the RAM components, in order to ensure optimal cooling. The cooler base is absolutely flat, in order to adjust the differences in height, is enclosed for the RAM of components, 8x 1mm thermalpads. The radiators have the GPU only over 1mm remainder floor thickness, in order to achieve optimal cooling values. The sealing between plexiglass and copper cooler box is made by a long-life O-ring. The attachment is made by the drillings for the standard air coolers with screws, existing with NVidia cards. Two 5mm drilling for optional LED lighting is present. The G1/4 of "connections is conceived for all connection system. A countering screen for the optimal contact pressure is also attached! Optimally for all SLI system by its small depth! For the 6800GT, 6800Ultra, 7800 and 7800GTX a Mosfett cooler is needed!

!!! Caution !!! The NVXP-3 cooler block is not compatible with cards which have condensators (frontside) between the Rams (see picture)!!!

Technical data:
Mass entirely (without connections): Length 91 mm, width 136 mm, height of 24 mm weight: 482 grams
connections: G1/4 "
SLI compatible!

Please note

The GFX cooler is supplied without connections!



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